Schedule Changes and Queue Handling

Schedule changes are communicated through your GDS via de Queues. It is crucial that you check and handle these Queues frequently to insure that your customers can be reaccommodated to alternative options timely.

Fares & ticketing

Economy - Blue Basic, Blue, Blue Plus (select routes only) & Blue Extra
Business - Mint®.
Blue Basic fares on the transatlantic route include 1 carry-on item and 1 personal item. Blue Basic fares on domestic & Latin Caribbean routes include 1 personal item but no carry-on item - if a customer has a carry-on item at time of boarding they will be asked to gate-check the item for a fee. If a domestic/Latin Caribbean flight is ticketed with a transatlantic flight the transatlantic rules apply.
Please contact support@flyjetblue.eu.
This means the booking is non-refundable but you can cancel the seats out of the PNR and hold the ticket in credit for use at a later date without a change fee.
If the customer is unable to travel and unsure of new dates, cancel the segments out of the PNR prior to the first date of departure and keep note of the ticket number. The ticket should remain in OPEN status.
Hold flights of an equal or greater value in a new PNR. Reissue held ticket (status of coupons should be OPEN) against new flights, collecting change fee (if applicable) and any additional upgrade in fare. Please see www.jetblue.com/travel-agents for more information regarding voluntary changes.
Please collect the change/cancellation fee using the CP tax code field on the ticket.
No, please contact support@flyjetblue.eu if you think the TTL in the PNR is incorrect.
Please complete the groups form under Agent Resources: Groups – JetBlue Agent World Our groups team will then respond directly to you.
We will honor the YQ/YR at the time of booking provided that the fare quote is stored in the reservation, and required TTL’s are met. Any changes to the reservation that cause an itinerary to be repriced will utilize the current YQ/YR in place at the time of repricing.
Governmental airport taxes are fully refundable on any unused or partially used tickets. Please consult your GDS for tax specifications. Note that YR is a carrier imposed fee – in the case of an unused, or partially unused ticket, the refundability depends on the fare used. If the ticket is refundable, it means the YR is refundable.


Mint Studio® is an ancillary product and can currently be added post ticketing via EMD in the GDS or Manage Trips on jetblue.com
Even More® Space is an ancillary product and can currently be added post ticketing via EMD in the GDS or Manage Trips on jetblue.com.

Forms of payment

EMDs for seat selection including Even More® Space and Mint Studio® have now been rolled out in Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport via EMD. We are working closely with our GDS partners to add pre-paid baggage to our EMD offering, but in the meantime please access the ticketed reservation in Manage Trips on jetblue.com to add checked baggage prior to check in.
Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
Yes. Please contact support@flyjetblue.eu if payment by virtual card is

Special Requests

Core cabin special meals are limited to Kosher, Hindu and Muslim meals only and must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance. Core meals are customizable and all vegetarian-type meals/vegan, gluten-free, and low-calorie options will be offered onboard. If you attempt to add VGML, GFML, LCML, or SPML to/from London/Europe for Core cabin bookings, you will get an error response UN or NO.
Customers travelling in Mint can request one of the following special meals – KSML, HNML, MOML, SPML, VGML, GFML OR LCML. Meal requests need to be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.

Connecting Flights

International travelers connecting through a U.S. airport are required have a valid passport and visa for the U.S., and may need a visa for their final destination. You may also need to claim your checked bags upon arriving in the U.S. and recheck them to the final destination. For more information click here.